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Welcome to the frequently asked questions section of the site. This section aims to answer any questions you might have about how the EmailACar service works.

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So what's it all about?

EmailACar is a website that allows you to post public messages against a car is registration number, or license plate. You simply enter the car number plate and click send to bring up a new message form. The message is then stored in our database and can be retrieved by the driver at a later time. Car numbers are almost globally unique, so you can leave a message from ANY country in the world!

Do you know everyone's email address then?

Erm, no. We don't deliver the message to the driver of the car. We simply take your message and store it locally in our database, allowing the car owner to come along and check their messages in the future.

So if I send a message will the other driver definitely read it?

We cannot guarantee that the other driver will ever come here and check his or her messages. However, we believe it is highly likely that a driver will one day do a quick search on the Internet for their own car number (as you do) and then be presented with a link to our site. Also, this site is growing in popularity exponentially. We are heavily promoting and strongly believe we will be the next big thing. At the very least, writing down your - experience, story, message, etc - will help get it out of your system and be very cathartic for you.

Is my message anonymous?

Yes, we give everyone the option of signing their message. You can sign this any way you want, anonymously, as a pseudonym, or if you want you can use your name or e-mail address (although we generally would not recommended it). We do not store any information about the sender other than the message that they choose to leave.

So what kind of messages should I leave?

We strongly encourage all of our visitors not to leave any threatening or nasty messages for any other road user. We reserve the right to delete any messages that we deem to be unsavoury. If you have been involved in an incident that has made your blood boil then keep your message light-hearted and to the point. This site is not all about negativity, you may have fallen head over heels in love with a girl in a traffic jam in front of you and want to leave a message, you may wish to compliment somebody on their choice of furry dice, the possibilities are endless.

Someone has left a message against my number and I want it removed

No problem, simply go to the message and click the red flag. You will be given a case number and your removal request will be sent to the administrators work queue, where appropriate, we will remove the message.

So can anyone read the message I leave?

Yes, all messages that are left on this site are publicly visible. All you have to do is enter the car number into the text box and click read in order to read all of the messages left against that car's plate number.

How do I get my message to be a favourite on the front page?

The favourite section of the site contains a list of messages that have tickled our funnybone. If you write a message that is amusing then it will have a high chance of being marked as a favourite.

Come on, what's in it for you?

The usual, if the site is popular we may include low-key advertising links in order to cover our bandwidth costs and potentially make some money. We did not enter into this as a moneymaking scheme, simply a fun website for people to use. Above all, we hope you enjoy it.

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